The Mission

Our Mission is to educate lawmakers and the American people on the importance of supporting victory for Ukraine as it fights to repel the Russian invasion. Preventing future military conflict depends on restoring western deterrence and ensuring Russia is not rewarded for the aggression against its neighbor. Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom against Russia's Axis of Evil supported by Iran, North Korea and the Chinese Communist Party. Ukraine Strong will run ads, conduct polling, engage grassroots and support networks to ensure adequate political support for the Ukrainian cause in the United States across the political spectrum but especially among Republicans.

The Challenge: The Republican Party today faces an identity crisis, pulled between Reaganite conservatism and leadership globally, and isolationist urges which would open the door to future military aggression by dictatorships worldwide. Collective defense and deterrence in the post World War 2 era has proven extremely effective at maintaining peace, and providing the stability necessary for economic growth and prosperity. If the Republican Party fails to meet the challenge today posed by Vladimir Putin, he and others like him will learn the lesson that military adventurism and conflict and be profitable – encouraging more of it. Dangerously, Republican sentiment inertia is being pulled towards retreat and isolationism, making future conflict more likely.

Our Solution is to win the battle of ideas to ensure America remains firm in its commitment to ensure a Russian defeat and the restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty. Our tools to achieve this strategic objective include paid advertising, earned media, grassroots organizing, coalition building, and other tactics that help educate the American public.

What’s at stake?

  • Putin-built Soviet Union 2.0 and a new Cold War
  • The retreat of American economic, diplomatic, and military hegemony and global leadership
  • Countering the new Axis of Evil: The Islamic Republic of Iran, North Korea, Communist China, and Putin’s Russia
  • The Rise of China and the potential Invasion of Taiwan